Travel, Transport and Tourism

Sector Overview

Organisations in this sector are responsible for the safe and comfortable travel of their customers, as well as maintaining the infrastructure that enables it. Roles range from behind-the-scenes operations to frontline customer services, and there are plenty of opportunities to work internationally.

The number of organisations engaged in LGBT inclusion is growing and, internally, several organisations are developing LGBT network groups and reviewing how their policies and practices can better support LGBT staff.

Organisations across the sector are also taking steps to ensure their services meet the needs of LGBT customers, for example by introducing tailored products and inclusive marketing campaigns. Many are also considering how they can support LGBT customers travelling internationally, where the legal and social context for LGBT people may differ.

There was not enough data to provide index statistics for this sector.

In Focus

Travel - Kiel

Kiel Lillie, Operational Change Manager, Virgin Atlantic

How did you come to work in your sector?

After studying my A-levels I applied to become a holiday rep. What started as a summer job became four years of amazing experiences around the world, before deciding it was time for a change and becoming cabin crew. I joined Virgin Atlantic soon after and have been fortunate to have had a number of opportunities to progress within the business. I’m now a change manager working on projects across our customer centre.

As an LGBT person, what’s it like working in travel?

As a business, we’re very inclusive and that shows every day in the relationships we have with each other. I’m treated in the same way as my non-LGBT colleagues, and this has been the case while working at different companies across the travel sector.

Are you involved in the LGBT network at Virgin Atlantic?

At the end of last year my colleague and I decided to create an LGBT+ Network for Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays. While we are already a very inclusive place to work, we recognised the benefits of a network and raising awareness of LGBT issues. We set up a committee, created events and built up a member base of almost 200 members in the first six months. G-VPRD, as the network is known (a play on an aircraft registration), also feeds into our company-wide Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group with senior leaders from across the business.