Equality in education and enlightened employers

Robbie Young and Fran Cowling, NUS LGBT Officers

NUS LGBT is dedicated to supporting students in fighting for equality and LGBT liberation on their campuses and in wider society. This includes our conference, where we debate and pass policy, our activist training days, our national campaigns and our awards ceremony where we celebrate the excellent work you do throughout the year.

NUS LGBT is here to support and champion the rights of LGBT students. The National Officers who were elected at the 2014 conference are Robbie Young (Open Place), and Fran Cowling (Women’s Place).

This year we launched the Beyond the Straight and Narrow report, which revealed the experiences of LGBT students in higher education. We found that one in five LGB+ and one in three trans respondents have experienced bullying or harassment on their campus. As a consequence of this, we set out recommendations for institutions in the higher education sector to implement in order to radically improve the lives of LGBT students. For the next year we are now committed to finding out the experiences of LGBT students in the further education sector.

We are also here to make sure that throughout your life your identity is never a barrier to achieving your goals. That is why the NUS LGBT Campaign is proud to support the Starting Out careers guide, not only because the most welcome places for LGBT people to work will appear in these pages, but also because its very existence encourages other organisations to do more for their LGBT employees. This guide champions the good practice of employers across the country that strive to make their workplaces fully inclusive of LGBT people.

For more information please email us at Rob.Young@nus.org.uk or Fran.Cowling@nus.org.uk or follow us on twitter @NUS_LGBT!

Robbie and Fran x