Sector Overview

Whether it’s in advertising, design, publishing or broadcasting, the media sector has a wide range of exciting job opportunities, from the creative to the practical, from the on-screen to the technical.

Although there’s only one media organisation in Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers at the moment, there’s increasing momentum across the board and we know this will continue in the years to come. The thriving, industry-wide LGBT network group, InterMedia, brings together professionals from more than 200 organisations and offers great opportunities for mentoring and professional development.

Many Stonewall Diversity Champions in this sector are making great strides on LGBT issues, developing their support for LGBT employees and increasing the representation of LGBT issues in the stories they tell.

What staff in the sector told us
“The workplace culture in my organisation is inclusive of trans people” – 53% of LGBT employees said yes
“I would feel comfortable disclosing my sexual orientation to my colleagues” – 66% of LGB employees said yes
“Senior managers in my organisation demonstrate visible commitment to trans equality” – 41% of LGBT employees said yes
“If I was a victim of homophobic and biphobic bullying and harassment, I would feel confident in reporting it to my employer” – 87% of LGB employees said yes

2018 Workplace Equality Index statistics

Best sector for fundraising for LGBT charities, groups or events (82%)
73% of organisations provide training, programmes or resources to support LGBT employees in becoming visible role models

In FocusMedia - Katie Joell

Katie Joell, Communications Lead, Sky

How did you come to work in the media sector?

I started off at a third-party call centre taking Sky calls and applied internally. Now I’m an internal communications specialist in Sky’s customer service group, creating written and video communications for our employees.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Being empowered to get creative with my work, using the amazing assets we have for programming content, and bringing a message to life through our diverse on-screen talent. The gender-neutral toilets are also a massive bonus, taking away a daily anxiety.

As an LGBT person, what’s it like working in the media sector?

I commute over 70 miles multiple times a week to work, because Sky’s LGBT+ inclusion allows me to feel comfortable as a trans employee. They know that if you can be yourself, you can produce your best work. We celebrate Pride each year, which is nice, but you know a company has got it right when your sexual or gender identity really doesn’t impact your day-to-day work life. I’m treated the same as my straight/cisgender colleagues.

What advice would you give to an LGBT person thinking about a career in the media sector?

There are some great opportunities in the media sector, from starting out in non-media roles within a media company and building your career path from there, to going for an apprenticeship!