Investment Banking and Asset Management

Sector Overview

Most of the work in this sector involves business-to-business and business-to-client relations, with organisations managing and advising on large investments, both at home and abroad. Professionalism, commercial focus and ambition are all essential traits for someone looking to work in the industry.

Many organisations in the sector give their staff the opportunity to attend LGBT workplace conferences and programmes to learn and share best practice. Organisations are also in a unique position to influence businesses and high-net-worth individuals. They often include an overview of their LGBT inclusion initiatives when pitching for business, engaging clients or appearing at events.

As well as their employers’ individual initiatives, employees in this sector also benefit from the Diversity Project and LGBT Great – initiatives to collaboratively develop a more inclusive culture in sector.

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In Focus

Mx Pips Bunce, Director, Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programmes, Credit Suisse

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What does your current job involve?

My job involves driving many critical IT initiatives within the firm, while also heading a global team. I love working across different areas of the firm and working on a range of diverse challenges, while being able to adopt leading edge technologies. I also love applying these technologies in a firm that values the importance of authenticity.

As an LGBT person, what’s it like working in investment banking?

As a sector we put much gravitas on the importance of LGBT inclusion and I feel honoured to be helping drive these positive changes. Put simply, I feel proud to be LGBT at Credit Suisse. I’ve been amazed at our LGBT inclusion, our LGBT Ally program, and our progress on trans inclusion. I identify as gender-fluid and non-binary and so decide how I choose to express on a given day. Knowing that I work for a firm where authenticity is valued, and that I can express accordingly, is a key aspect. Our LGBT inclusion initiatives are a strong indicator of how LGBT diversity is valued – for example, I regularly meet with two amazing and very senior allies, as their ‘reverse mentor’, to discuss my experiences as an LGBT employee.

Are you involved in LGBT inclusion projects at work?

I am the co-lead of our LGBT & Ally program, which helps foster an open and inclusive work environment for all and engages our thousands of LGBT Allies. Getting LGBT inclusion right is vital, yet not easy. Ally programmes help to inform allies about the wide range of identities and challenges faced in the LGBT community, ensure senior commitment, and send a clear message that LGBT inclusion is essential and not optional. I’ve watched the programme grow and have seen, through its impact, that it’s one of the most important catalysts for fostering a truly LGBT inclusive environment.