Sector Overview

The insurance sector has a broad reach, working with the public, private
businesses and third-party organisations, both in the UK and globally. Graduates from all educational backgrounds are found in the sector in a variety of roles, from sales to data analysis and beyond.

The sector’s work on LGBT inclusion is growing, with many organisations setting up LGBT network groups and organising awareness-raising events for their staff. Aviva and Aon are also members of Stonewall’s Team Pride, promoting equality for LGBT fans and players in sport.

LINK, the sector’s LGBT network, gets LGBT people and allies together to network and share best practice. In 2018, LINK celebrated its fifth birthday and created a portfolio of LGBT role models in the sector, with representation from LGBT people and allies across the industry. More broadly, Dive In, an international festival of diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector, takes place in multiple cities every Autumn.

There was not enough data to provide index statistics for this sector.

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In Focus

Insurance - AIG - Deirdre Houlihan

Deirdre Houlihan, HR Business Partner, AIG

As an LGBT person, what’s it like working in insurance?

I worked for another insurer twenty years ago and things were less accepting then. Now there’s a real determination across the insurance industry to promote respect and acceptance in the workplace. At AIG, I’m completely accepted. I feel like everyone else – a team member, colleague and an AIG employee, helping to support my client area. I’m a member of our LGBT & Allies Employee Resource Group who, along with our diversity &
inclusion team, promote inclusion and make everyone feel valued.

At work, how do you think being LGBT relates to other parts of your identity?

I’m a woman, Irish, gay, an HR professional, a good friend and a colleague. No single one of these things defines me – they all make me who I am.

What’s the best thing about working at AIG?

The people! I work with a highly talented HR team and my clients have a huge wealth of knowledge. They relish the daily challenges of developing the leaders of the future. They’re all professional and hard-working, but there’s a great vibe and rapport around all our offices.

What advice would you give to an LGBT person thinking about a career in insurance?

This sector is full of professional people who’ll respect you for your knowledge, experience, and what you can bring to the industry. The great support for LGBT inclusion from the very top of the management chain at the big insurers and brokers is really making a change for the better.

Joel Bohnen, Business Analyst, AIG


What does your current job involve?

My professional network brought me to AIG’s science team as a business analyst. I’m involved in market research, data querying and analytics, model structuring, stakeholder management and strategy formation.

What’s it like being LGBT at AIG?

My team is very diverse, know each other well and trust one another, so from the start I felt comfortable being out to my team. I sense the insurance industry overall is more traditional, but at AIG I’ve felt very welcomed and accepted. Being LGBT in insurance is empowering, professionally and personally. There are a lot of resources available to LGBT+ people, from LGBT+ company and industry groups to panel discussions and networking events.

Are you involved in the LGBT network at AIG?

I’m a committee member of AIG’s LGBT+ Employee Resource Group. Being in the group is important as it increases company awareness of LGBT+ people and their needs. It’s also a fantastic way to network.

What advice would you give to an LGBT person thinking about a career in insurance?

Be open and proud, embrace who you are and use it to your advantage both personally and professionally. Be active in your company’s LGBT+ group and events, as there always be more to do, more to learn and more fun to be had!