Energy, Utilities, Resources and Manufacturing

Sector Overview

The energy, utilities, resources and manufacturing sector features many household names, as well as organisations responsible for building and maintaining important national and global infrastructures. There’s a real wealth of job opportunities, ranging from engineering and science to operations and project management. Employees in these sectors are based in a wide variety of locations, both in the UK and globally.

To help overcome a skills shortage across these sectors, many employers are committing to build truly inclusive workplaces to attract and develop the best talent. Leading organisations are supporting LGBT staff to share their stories, which spreads understanding and encourages others to bring their whole selves to work.

Staff in this sector are often dispersed all over the UK, so some organisations are beginning to recruit ‘site champions’ to ensure all LGBT staff are supported, wherever they’re based. LGBT employees also benefit from active cross-sector LGBT networks such as InterEnergy and Pride in Energy.

What staff in the sector told us
“The workplace culture in my organisation is inclusive of trans people” – 58% of LGBT employees said yes
“I would feel comfortable disclosing my sexual orientation to my colleagues” – 45% of LGB employees said yes
“Senior managers in my organisation demonstrate visible commitment to trans equality” – 47% of LGBT employees said yes
“If I was a victim of homophobic and biphobic bullying and harassment, I would feel confident in reporting it to my employer” – 84% of LGB employees said yes

2018 Workplace Equality Index statistics

Best sector for providing training, programmes or resources to support LGBT employees in becoming visible role models
73% of organisations’ network groups have formal ways to make sure bi and trans issues are represented (such as bi and trans committee reps)
82% of organisations’ network groups collaborated with other internal network groups, for example their women’s network or black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) network

In Focus

Kiran Evans, Customer Service Advisor – Smart Metering, npower

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How did you come to work in the energy sector?

After leaving my previous job and taking a few months away from employment for my mental health, my mum encouraged me to apply for a job opening at the Worcester branch of npower. I applied for a temporary contract through an agency, and I was soon made a permanent employee. I’m now a customer service advisor, looking after pre-installation smart meter appointments, managing customers’ accounts, and assisting with queries within the contact centre.

As an LGBT person, what’s it like working in the energy sector?

As someone who openly identifies as gay and gender fluid, I’ve been shown acceptance and support from my colleagues and the company itself. This has given me a new perspective on customer services – in previous roles my LGBT identity was suppressed, ignored and overlooked. Now I am encouraged, supported and able to flourish in all aspects of my role, just as the next person would. I’ve been able to open myself up to all kinds of people with different beliefs and backgrounds without ever worrying if I’ll be accepted or not.

Are you involved in the LGBT network at npower?

I’m one of the founders of npower’s LGBT & Friends Network. I feel our presence is important, as we can educate people about LGBT issues within the workplace and help the business with their vision to become a more forward-thinking and inclusive place to work. We’ve already had massive support from across the business, including our CEO, and have recruited volunteers to raise awareness at different sites across the country.